Under the thumb of a brutal dictatorship, a small, but proud, nation eagerly awaits deliverance. Its prophets have predicted the arrival of a savior, the Messiah, and twelve men think they have found him.

The entire country now gathers at the capital city to celebrate its most ancient national holiday. All eyes turn to this charismatic teacher from the North, and his followers become excited in anticipation. With this week hold their hour of deliverance?

What Difference Does Seven Days Make? began as a thought experiment in college. What was it like for those 12 disciples, and the others that followed Jesus, to witness those events that have, whether people want to admit it or not, shaped the course of humanity for nearly 2,000 years. Then, it became a study helper for an Easter devotional for a middle school youth group.

It was originally published in print by PublishAmerica in 2005 and has been out of print for nearly two years. Now, with all publishing rights returned, it, and its accompanying study guide, is available to borrow for free if you are a Kindle Select member.

Or, you can purchase it by clicking here: What Difference Does Seven Days Make?

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