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The second book in the My Life as a Superhero series is out now! Here are the books so far:

Karis is the second edition (read: major rewrite) of my debut novel, My Life as a Superhero (PublishAmerica, 2004). If you're looking for a superhero with family values, this is it!

The "My Life as a Superhero" series follows the life of Tamara Weatherby-Waterford, a high schooler with a very unique after-school job: She's Kingston's newest superhero. After witnessing the death of her family, she goes to live with her father's best friend, Paul Waterford--who just happens to be the richest man in the world (because, let's face it, if you want to be a superhero and you don't have any superpowers, you better have a big bank account). With Paul's help, and the help of his foster son, Tim Fisher, Tamara begins to heal from the trauma and put her life back together.

What makes Tamara's story different from the typical superhero backstory is that she desperately tries to keep her life as close to "normal" as possible. She returns to her public high school after being orphaned. She insists on keeping strong ties with the friends she's known since elementary school. She tries--and fails, of course--to keep her anonymity. Through all her trials--the dogged persistence of the man who took her family, the envy of her friends and acquaintances, the loss of anonymity, the guilt of being left behind, not to mention the training that goes into becoming a superhero--and triumphs, she discovers a strength that she never knew she had and perseveres.

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Life will continue to get more interesting for Tamara this year, as she heads off to college in Flash. Balancing life as a superhero while living on campus can be even more tricky. Meet new superheroes, new villains and super-villains, and... could she finally be getting what she's always wanted? 

(From, "School," Chapter 3 of Flash)

I flew silently beside Lightning, cutting through the crisp night air. The recent early-spring rain had cleaned the city, giving it a refreshed feel. Nights like that made the ability to fly spectacular and definitely worth the sore muscles the next day.
            “When I consider your heavens, the work of your fingers, the moon and the stars, which you have set in place…” I quoted. “What a beautiful night.”
            “Amen,” Lightning said, enjoying the quiet night as much as me.
            At that moment, a message popped up on my visor telling me I only had fifteen minutes until curfew. I told Lightning that he should continue on without me and flew as fast as my solar-powered rocket boots could propel me in the direction of St. Lawrence Christian University.
            It took me ten minutes to get to school and clear the area for a safe, silent, and—most importantly—unnoticed landing. I landed in a quiet, dark corner behind a maintenance shed, where I had some clothes and a large gym bag hidden under a pallet. I struggled to pull on sweats and a turtleneck over my suit as quickly as I could, making sure to tuck my cape into my pants. After pulling my blonde hair up in loose bun and shoving my head into a beanie, I struggled with my gloves and stuffed them into the bag. As soon as I was positive everything was secure, I threw the bag over my shoulder and bolted from my hiding place, sprinting across campus toward my dorm. I barely made it, whizzing past the security guards strolling up the walk toward the dorm.
            “Have a good night, Tamara!” one of them chuckled.
            “You, too, guys!” I called back.
            I stopped for a moment in the foyer to catch my breath then walked up to my room on the second floor, trying my best to avoid my dorm mates. I ducked into the bathroom and ran my head under the shower, quickly washing the blonde coloring out of my hair. In the handicapped stall, I quickly pulled my suit off, stuffing it into my gym bag, and traded my rocket boots for flip-flops. I pulled my brown hair into a tight bun, praying that Lois, my roommate, wouldn’t notice my wet hair. After pulling my room key out of my backpack, I mentally transformed myself from Flash to Tamara—sometimes the hardest change of all.

Flash is also available in Paperback.

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