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Day 1. October 11, 2013

Spent some time reading Empire of Blue Water by Stephen Talty for some research for November’s NaNoWriMo. Captain Henry Morgan, though the styled himself a gentleman and was offended if anyone called him a pirate, allowed some very uncivilized conduct by the men under him.

Though, piracy was not without its perks. For a few weeks’ worth of work—really, only a few hours of battle—the average pirate under Morgan was able to earn three and a half years’ wages from an attack on the Spanish trading post Portobelo, on the east side of Panama

I will spend the rest of the day beta’ing Eiathan’s Heir by Krystine Kercher, her third novel in the Legends of Astarkand series, due out soon.

Day 2. October 12, 2013

Well, starting again today picking up where I left off on Eiathan's Heir. If you like Christian fantasy, Kercher is the one to read. :-) More later.

Got a few more chapters read, story’s starting to pick up. I haven’t yet read the second in the series, but it’s easy to pick up where the last one left off and fill in the blanks as needed.

Finished up with a few chapters of George R. R. Martin’s A Storm of Swords before bed.

Day 3. October 13, 2013
Didn’t get much reading in today. We read Job in Sunday School class and finished a chapter in Storm of Swords I started the night before.

Day 4. October 14, 2013
 Well, got some more research done this morning before the chiropractor’s appointment. On the Kindle app, I’ve got The Pirates of Panama or, The Buccaneers of America: A True Account of the Famous Adventures and Daring Deeds of Sir Henry Morgan by A.O. Exquemelin, a French mariner who sailed with Henry Morgan and was there during the battles to sack Panama City, Panama. It took Henry and just under 400 men 10 days to cross the isthmus by foot. Because they were counting on the element of surprise and being able to find provisions along their way, they only had three meals—one of which was old boiled leather satchels—during that 10 day trek.

But now, it’s high time I kept working on my own books. I have a ghostwriting project I have to finish before NaNo begins.

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  1. I hope that you were reading some happy parts of Storm of Swords if that was your bedtime reading! SoS seems to have a lot of not so happy stuff going on. My fantasy reading has been a bit more upbeat for WWRAT. I just finished up Charming, which involves Mr. Charming from the princely Charming line who fights vampires. :) A bit different from SOIAF