Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Raymond Richardson, "Ray's Rules"

The main character of my serial, "Ray's Rules," is Raymond Richardson. I believe he would represent one of the wise men, probably one who offers frankincense or myrrh. This is because Ray isn't flashy or loud, and doesn't need as much attention as, say, the little drummer boy. It is his preference to observe from a distance, while taking in his environment. Ray developed a quiet, strong demeanor by surviving in the unforgiving streets of Houston. He is wise beyond his years, but not endowed with any gold. I could see him wheeling and dealing for some frankincense or myrrh throughout his journeys, but nothing as valuable as gold. As Ray mingled among those offering gifts to the king in the manger, he would be keenly aware of his surroundings. No person would escape his carefully veiled scrutiny. His ability to read people would keep him in position to act, should any character of ill repute decide to sabotage the glorious moment. After deciding that the coast was clear, Ray would politely excuse himself, and wait outside with the camels. Ray would take it upon himself to be prepared with an escape plan and route, should the gathering fall apart for some reason. Not one to be without resources, Ray would make sure to keep some myrrh for himself, in case he needed to buy off a sultan or other magistrate in order to ensure a clean getaway.

Stephen L. Wilson lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife of 20 years, and 2 of his 3 children. He enjoys writing about a variety of topics, and is interested in promoting indie writing as a viable option to traditional publishing. http://stephenlwilson.blogspot.com

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