Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daddy Got a Stupid Job Part 1

The next few blog posts will be centered around a new work in progress, working title: Daddy Got a Stupid Job which will chronicle our upcoming move across state lines from the perspective of our 6-year-old son. I hope to, eventually, publish it and help other kids (and parents) cope with what we are going through right now. But until then, please enjoy the serial installments of Daddy Got a Stupid Job.

Daddy and David

Daddy had been home for a long time and everything was great. For a couple of months, Daddy had been able to stay home and play with David. Sure, Daddy had “computer work” to do every day to look for a job, but after that work was done, they would play legos or play video games or read together. Sometimes, they even went to the park. David was happy.

But one day, everything changed. Daddy went away to another town for the weekend. For what seemed like forever Daddy was gone and it was just David and Mommy. That was okay, but David was very, very happy when Daddy came back. When Daddy came back, he was very excited. He had gotten a job while he was away!

His new job, he told David, would help Mommy and Daddy pay for things that they couldn't pay for now. They would be able to have money to save up and pay for vacations to go see places that they read about in their books. Best of all, David would be able to start getting commissions for doing chores so he could buy things he wanted.

The job, though, was in that faraway town.  So, a couple of weeks later, when David had a break from school, Mommy, Daddy, and David packed up the car with a lot of things and drove a very long way so that Daddy could start his new job.

That’s when everything changed. David and Mommy couldn’t stay with Daddy  because David was still in school, so they had to leave Daddy in the new town and go back home. David really missed Daddy, a lot. Soon, he began to wish that Mommy had gotten the job and Daddy had stayed home.


  1. I'm not gonna cry, am I? This is starting off well. Best wishes for future installments and mutual understanding. :-)

  2. Well, there have already been plenty of tears shed... but they were mostly angry 6-year-old tears because "Mommy's being SOOOO mean!"

  3. "Daddy" here. For anyone concerned, the headline is a direct quote from a very upset David, not any sort of commentary on me or the job in question (rest assured, I wouldn't be putting my family through this for a McJob). I'm told we should expect more details in the upcoming articles.

  4. When's the next installment?

  5. Coming soon! Just need to get a minute to myself (which hasn't happened much since Daddy got a stupid job). ;-)