Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Best Slippers Ever

A good pair of slippers takes time to get broken in. For a great pair of slippers, it’s worth the wait.

I was *ahem* blessed with wide feet. While those of us with larger feet have a wider stance and  usually have better balance, we find it difficult to find comfortable footwear. We like to joke that it would be more comfortable to wear the boxes than the shoes that come in them. When I got the slippers in the mail—slippers that I hadn’t tried on before getting them—I was a bit skeptical. The very first time I put them on, I was even more skeptical that they would fit like the website and the reviews had all said.

Almost a year later, I am using them every day. These are the best slippers I have ever found. They did take a while to break in and for the memory foam to remember my feet. Because of the nature of open-toe footwear, Nature’s Sleep recommends ordering a size smaller than you would normally get (size chart on the website). I would have normally ordered an XL—a little large for me—to ensure that they would be wide enough for my feet. I ended up ordering a medium and am so glad that I did. The plush terry poly-cotton blend eventually stretched out and I can slip my feet in and out with ease. The only time I can’t now slip things on with ease is when my feet are wet, right out of the shower, or when I have my thick wool socks on.

The plush cloth is soft and warm. Here in Idaho, we actually had one of the coldest Januaries on record—as opposed to the rest of the country who, until recently, enjoyed a spring-like winter.  Despite the cold, I still had to take the dog out to do his business and also tend to the chickens. So, I slipped on my trusty Nature’s Sleep slippers and, open toes and all, braved the ice and snow and my feet stayed toasty warm.  The short tread on the slippers was able to grip the ice with minimal slipping—walking carefully, I actually slipped more in my normal shoes than I did in the slippers. On the really cold, bitter mornings I was able to wear a pair of thin socks with the slippers when I went outside. The shallow tread is also good for another very important thing: squishing spiders hanging out on the wall. The slippers are excellent spider-killers.

When the slippers got dirty (which happened quite a bit when I started wearing them outside), I just threw them into the washing machine. They needed to stretch out just a bit again after being cleaned, but the memory foam remembered my feet very well.

The slippers, while wonderful in winter, are a little too warm for my taste in the summer, but summer is barefoot season anyway, so it’s not that much of an inconvenience.

All in all, I love these slippers. I wear them every day. They are currently my go-to outdoor shoes and are, at this moment, sitting right by the kitchen door waiting for me to go back outside. They’re easy to drive in (yes, I might be one of those moms who wears pajamas to drive their kid to school) and if I could get away with wearing them everywhere, I probably would. Now, if I could only convince Nature's Sleep to make tennis shoes…

The Nature’s Sleep Open Toed Slippers with Memory Foam are available exclusively through Nature’s Sleep in Lavender (my favorite and pictured above), pale blue, and mocha. They are also available in Closed-Toed and in pink, pale blue and sand.  (Click on the link above to be taken to the website.) Use the code BEARS50 to receive 50% off of anything on the Nature’s Sleep website.

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